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1927 Rolls- Royce, 6 Cylinder, Twenty, Series K, Barker Tourer, GRJ-1, W8E, Made in England (Full Classic)

The Car was originally for “Indian Trails” and “Indian Demonstration “as sent to TT Ltd., Bombay in 1927. It was used for demonstration purposes till it was sold to the Nawab of Sachin – recorded 27.2.1931

1934 Cadillac, V8, Model 355-D, Series 20, Style 34663, Made in USA, 7 Passenger Imperial Sedan. (Full Classic)



 Coach builder/Bodybuilder



 MODEL 355-d, Series20, 136”Wheelbase



 Type of Body

 7 Passenger 4 Door Imperial Sedan

 Chassis no.


 Engine no.


 Engine litres


 No. of cylinder


1938 Dodge, 6 Cylinder, Seven Passenger Limousine, Made in USA

I was said that the 1938 Dodge was the “American beauty of motor cars “and this attractive seven passenger limousine shows why. Only 701 of these were built. Fairly well equipped with the accessories, this car fabled to have been purchased from an auction of mafia property by the New York state police. A Similar Dodge was used in the Hollywood movie ‘The Godfather’.

1943 Dodge Truck, 6 Cylinder, Mae in USA.

1947 Cadillac, V8 Engine, Series 75, Fleetwood, 7533, Imperial, Sedan, 7 Passenger, Made in USA. (Full Classic)

1947 Cadillac, V8 Engine, Series 60, Special, Fleetwood, Sedan, Made in USA. (Full Classic)

1948 Hudson, Super Six, Sedan Body & all Body Parts, Made in USA.

1956 Riley Pathfinder, 6 Cylinder, Sedan, Made in England, (Milestone Car)

1957 Hindustan Landmasater, 4 Cylinder OHV Engine, Made in India.

1957 Chevrolet BelAir, 6 Cylinders, Station wagon Nomad, Made in USA.

1959 Ford Zephyr, Sedan, 6 Cylinder, Made in England.

1960 Ambassador Mark 1 Sedan, 4 Cylinders, Made in India.

1962 Willys Jeep Stationwagon, 4 Cylinders, Made in India.

1966 Ambassador Mark 2, 4 Cylinder, Made in India.

1971 Fiat 1100D, 4 Cylinder, Made in India.

1914 Landau Horse Carriage, Made in England.

1919 Horse Carriage, Made in England.

1927 Horse Carriage, Made in England.

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