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Vintage Car Restoration

The below are the cars that are available for sale at our garage:

Vintage Car Restoration at “Vintage Cars”

Being noteworthy Car Restoration Shop in India, we are providing Vintage Car Restoration Services in Delhi. Our restoration technique is simple and unique in its own ways. Our engineers are well-versed with the working of the Royal Cars. With the painstaking efforts and observations, we make it happen in our production house in Delhi, India.

With the help of our talented craftsmen

With our skilled and dexterous craftsmen, we try to recreate the beautiful wood lining and trimming on the centre-console and door panels of the Classic Cars. The impeccable knowledge at the right time is the key to our immense success.

Our restored Vintage Cars

We have restored various vintage cars whose internal working is as complex as the cars themselves. Royal Cars that depict our work are:

  • Daimler 1960
  • Jaguar 1954 Model
  • Buke 1954
  • Mercedes 1000
  • Mercedes 123
  • Mercedes 115
  • Land Master Woodie Station Wagon
  • Fiat 1100 1957
  • Ambassador Mark 1 1958
  • Hill Man 1937
  • Impala Chevrolet Coupe 1960
  • Morris Minor
  • Baby Hindustan
  • Rolls Royce 1958

Vintage Car Restoration in Delhi Vintage Car Restoration in Delhi
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