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Fresh Vs Dried Herbs

Fresh Vs Dried Herbs

  • 11-04-2017
  • By: Diets & More

The availability of both fresh and dried herbs has become quite easy. There’s an entire range of fresh herbs which come with a lot of health benefits. Read more about these 10 herbs and their surprising health benefits. Dried herbs are often used as seasonings while fresh herbs can be used to prepare concoctions and teas too. Do you often get confused about whether to use dried mint or fresh mint or if a certain fresh herb can be replaced with a dried one in a home remedy? We consulted dietitian and founder of Health&U, Shreya Katyal to find out which of the two is better and here are her inputs:

  • Nutritional Value – Fresh foods are obviously preferred. But every herb has some peculiar properties and while some are better taken fresh, there are a few herbs which give better taste and results when used in dried form. In the drying process of herbs, some nutrients are inevitably lost and more would be lost during storage. But this doesn’t mean dried herbs are nutritionally worthless. For example, mint leaves are better consumed fresh than in dried form. While ginger root, which has a lot of medicinal properties, is better in fresh form for Vata and Pitta Body Types (Air and Fire elements) and should be used in dried form for Kapha Bodies (earth element). Did you know herbs can help you lose weight too?
  • Antioxidant Value – Besides the aroma and flavor, herbs also add antioxidant value to the food. As per the Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity (ORAC) method used to measure the antioxidant level in any food, there is an equal amount of antioxidants in both fresh and dried herbs. Thus, both are significant sources of antioxidants. Here’s a list of 10 antioxidant-rich foods you can add to your diet.
  • Taste – Dried herbs have quite mild taste and flavour as compared to the fresh ones which have very strong flavours and aroma. For anyone who does not like strong flavours, they can use dried herbs. For moderate flavour, one can also use a combination of fresh and dried herbs together.
  • Cost – Although Dried herbs are a little expensive that fresh ones, the quantity of dried herbs used is quite less in comparison to fresh herbs.

unit of dry herb = 3 units of fresh herb. This means, that a teaspoon of dried basil would be equivalent to 3 teaspoons to fresh basil.

Which one is better to use

  • Both are equally good but a lot depends on the availability and budget as well. A bottle of dried herbs would be more easily available. Storage options are always better with dried herbs. Both have the almost the same amount of antioxidants.
  • But for people who love fresh food and have easy access to freshly grown herbs, they should go for fresh herbs. Here are 10 Ayurvedic herbs you can grow at home.
  • And don’t forget, you can always use a combination of both dried and fresh herbs.

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